Fiberglass pools need less maintenance than for a concrete or vinyl liner pool. And not only is there less to do, but it’s easier to do. You can choose to hire a cleaning service if you want—do what you’re comfortable with—but you don’t have to shell out that money.

installation procedure

  • Clean regularly, with products made specifically for fiberglass pools
  • Check water chemistry
  • Run the pool filter
  • Keep water level above the skimmer

This is pretty much standard pool maintenance across the board. Intensity and frequency are where your fiberglass pool helps you out.

The gelcoat surface of a fiberglass pool is smooth and nonporous, leaving little room for unwanted guests like algae. Because of that, it requires less brushing and less overall work.

If algae does rear its irritating little head, just shock the pool with the SLAM method. A fiberglass pool will be good to go in only 24 hours.

If you notice leaves, bugs, and other unsightly floaties, you can swipe them up with a skimming net and telescopic pole. You might also use a pool vacuum to suck up dirt from the pool bottom. No expensive cleaning service necessary.