Why FiberGlass

Eco Friendly Pools

A fiberglass pool is the environmentally friendly choice!

Fiberglass pools are the perfect choice for people concerned about their pool’s environmental impact. Non-porous surfaces mean fewer chemicals are used on a regular basis and less cleaning is required, also resulting in reduced electricity usage. Automatic pool cleaners also clean more quickly and efficiently.

Fiberglass pools do not present a risk for leaching water, chemicals, and rust into ground water – unlike more traditional pools might. Fiberglass also acts as a natural insulator, meaning a significant reduction in the draw and operating costs associated with filters and heaters. Finally, since fiberglass pools do not require re-plastering, and there are no liners to replace, there will be less waste in our landfills.

installation procedure

  • The pool layout is marked to ensure it is in the correct location and elevation
  • The hole is dug according to the guidelines and the floor groomed for proper pool fit
  • The pool is placed on the prepared bed of masonry sand and rough plumbed
  • The pool is filled with water while simultaneously being backfilled with sand or gravel
  • The plumbing and electrical equipment are installed and connected
  • The decking subsurface is levelled and is ready to take the decking base course and top layer by client